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In Memory Of My Dad Who Taught Me To Hunt And Fish
Jesse Adam Simpson
March 21st 1921 - Febuary 21st 2005

Our Introduction To Feist Squirrel Dogs.

I have always loved a good companion dog and have had one around most of my life. I had an Australian Shepherd that was a super pet. She died at the age of 13. My boys and I wanted another dog and we remembered seeing some guys hunting squirrels with dogs on some of the federal land that is open for a short time every season here. We all liked to hunt squirrel, so the hunt for squirrel dogs was on.

If you do not know anyone with one, finding squirrel dogs is not an easy task. Searching the Internet, we found out about competition hunting with dogs. The boys wanted to check this out. We loaded up the truck and off we went to the hunt. We saw many hounds, Curs, and Feist. The Feist was what we seemed to like best, as we were partial to smaller dogs. Was able to meet many very friendly people and learn much about these dogs at this hunt.

The casts, guides, and judges were drawn and headed out to hunt. One of the Grand Champion casts invited us to go along and watch some of the Feist dogs hunt. We loaded up the truck and followed the cast to the woods.

We came to an area that was a recent logged area. The boys and I just looked at each other. We did not think that there was any way that squirrels would be there. The dogs were unloaded and cast into the woods. We followed the cast members into the woods and everyone was talking, it was a real social event. Now we knew that no squirrels would be found. We had not been there five minutes when one of the dogs started barking. The owner let the dog bark a few times and then said, "Tree my dog."

It was short walk to where the dog was treed. The little Feist dog was locked on the tree tight and was not leaving. He knew the squirrel was in the tree and he wanted it badly. The judge located the squirrel and marked the points on the scorecard. I knew at that moment that I was going to like this. That little Feist dog treed twelve squirrels in two hours, I was impressed.

I now hunt with Feist dogs and enjoy every minute of it. I hunt a line of dogs that have been around North Carolina for a very long time. If you want to try squirrel hunting at its finest, try hunting them with dogs. You will never hunt squirrel any other way. Watching the dogs work is very enjoyable. There are many types of dogs used to tree squirrel and I am sure that you can find one that suits you.

Take care and maybe we can meet and hunt together sometime!!

Please go to the site provided and sign the petition to take away PETA's tax exempt status. Let's fight them back guys before they get our hunting and dog ownership rights taken away.

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